Roads & Drainage

BWC is known for designs which meet geometric and planning requirements while satisfying permitting standards.
BWC’s approach prioritizes a rapid response time to the design and permitting needs of its clients.
Permitting and regulatory compliance is an integral component of your project.  From DHH to DOTD, we can advise, assist, and handle multiple aspects of your project’s permitting phase.
Design permit packages are prepared for review by all necessary agencies at both state, local, and federal levels.

Business Consulting

Business is our hobby.  If you could make as much money working for someone else, would you still need to pursue your project?  Business is about a passion for creating value.  It’s a belief that you can do a better job.
We share that vision.  Whatever stage you are at with your project, we are interested in hearing about it.  We believe our value-add comes at all stages.  Our problem solving approach, to any issue, in a project’s life cycle, informs our ability to see potential pit-falls along the way.
From inception to conclusion, you will never hear us say, “that’s not our job.”  As business consultants we make it our job to add-value.

Floodplain Engineering

BWC’s specialization in floodplain engineering and mapping makes it well-positioned to work with local municipalities concerned with flood-risk management and mitigation.
We can prepare a pre vs. post-development drainage impact analysis (DIA) to determine receiving drainage channel conditions and design necessary stormwater detention, as required in some jurisdictions.

General Contracting

Business is many things.  One of them is relationships.  Our early commitment to quality and innovation has been the foundation of our relationships formed with various peers in the industry.
We have a proven ability to enlist the confidence of sub-contractors and sub-consultants, so they seek business we are involved in.  Our main goal has always been to find where the opportunity add value is located.
Whether its civil engineering design, consulting, project management, permitting compliance, business consulting, or the profitability angles of a particular project, we want to hear from you.

Water & Sewerage

Engineering designs are subject to review by various agencies such as local police juries and DHH.  There are variety of ways to solve the problems presented by providing water and sewerage services to your site.  We engage the issues to help you achieve your project goals.
Coordination of subconsultants necessary to achieve permitting compliance is a necessary component of engineering consulting.  Additionally, BWC has extensive experience coordinating the operations of construction contractors as required by various agencies so activities are compliant with existing code.

Civil Consulting

Whether it’s a subdivision’s layout and conceptual design, permitting expertise, or analysis of your property’s highest and best use, we are here to help.  Our ability to assist and discuss, and analyze your project, does not stop at engineering design.  The test for our job satisfaction is whether we have added value to not only the stage of the project for which we are directly being hired, but for unforeseen past and future components to what is being addressed today.

Project Management

A large part of project completion is the coordination of the project owner’s interest with the various components associated with third parties.  Permitting agencies, neighboring landowners, contractors, sub-contractors, government entities, and others will play a role in your projects life cycle.
Whether we are the design engineers or whether we are hired after design is completed to take over an existing project, we have the energy and desire to be involved in your business venture.  No stage of production is outside of our scope.  We are problem solvers adding value into every corner of the process.