Engineering towards profitability.

Our commitment to quality is what stands out.


Water & Sewerage

Providing water and sewerage services, to any development, is challenging. We take a proactive stance with regard to water and sewerage infrastructure. There are a variety of decision points involved on these issues.

Roads & Drainage

BWC's specialization in floodplain engineering and mapping makes it well-positioned to work with local municipalities concerned with flood-risk management and mitigation.

Floodplain Engineering

At BWC, we are known for the quality of our engineering designs.

Our approach prioritizes a rapid response time to the design and permitting needs of clients.

Quality + Innovation

We believe quality and innovation go hand in hand.  Our reputation for quality was earned by taking ownership of the customer’s challenges.  We are problem solvers with a passion for business.

Our innovations ensure  the customer’s vision is honored throughout the design and construction phase, not just the phase we are participating in.

We believe each customer is an individual with a unique set of design and construction challenges.  We will work with you to realize a vision worthy of your property’s highest and best use.

Thank you for considering BWC for your engineering design and contracting needs!  As a Louisiana owned and operated business, BWC is committed to the overall success of this region.

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