Floodplain Engineering

Bayou Pierre Responsible Mitigation Plan

The development was a wetlands mitigation bank. BWC did the hydrologic engineering to support the customer’s wetlands permitting with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

The purpose of our report was to provide engineering support of the proposed wetland management infrastructure performance to meet minimum USACE requirements.

We prepared an existing conditions hydrologic analysis of the site.  Analysis included investigation of site soils; investigation of existing hydrologic infrastructure; connectivity with adjacent waterbodies and waterways; and research and evaluation of available stream gauge and rainfall data.

Roads & Drainage / Water & Sewerage

Settler's Trace

Location: Iowa, Louisiana

BWC provided the engineering design for a 232 lot, residential subdivision.  This included the subdivision’s interior roads, drainage, water supply and sewerage infrastructure.

Infrastructure is designed to minimum, or higher, agency requirements for roads, drainage, potable water, and sewer collection/treatment infrastructure.

BWC’s plans were recognized as “stellar” from the reviewing agency responsible for approving the venture’s go-ahead construction.  Confidence from regulatory authorities improves approval times critical to achieving construction timelines and budget estimates.

Flood study / Roads & Drainage

Gravity Drainage 5 Urban Flood Study

Location: Sulphur, Louisiana

BWC studies the Maplewood Subdivision in Sulphur, LA for localized flooding issue and analyzed alternatives to provide flood relief for local residents.

The Maplewood area has seen an increase in residential and commercial development and natural drainage outfalls have decreased n capacity due to floodplain encroachments.

BWC utilized 1D and 2D models to analyze the recent development impacts on the existing drainage networks and design drainage improvements. This study identified drainage improvements along Prater Rd and BWC is currently assembling bid package for this improvement.

Structural Engineering

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital Cooling Tower Dunnage Frame

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Structural engineering design for the replacement of the LCMH Oak Park Campus’ elevated cooling towers in Lake Charles, LA.  The largest of the 3 cooling towers measured approximately 20’L x 11’W x 12’T and weighed appx 41,000 lbs.  

BWC designed the structural frame underlying the 3 towers which was replaced at a height of approximately 20’ and connected to existing support columns.  BWC worked closely with the Mechanical Engineering designer to avoid mechanical conflicts and also provide maintenance access.  

Wind Loads were analyzed according to ASCE 7-10 latest edition.


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