Regions 1 and 5 Discuss Flood Risk Throughout Watersheds, Request Feedback

The steering committees for Regions 1 and 5 met July 14 and 16, respectively, to discuss regional flood risk in preparation for long-term planning and project decision-making, as the state prepares to spend $1.2 billion in federal funds on local and regional flood mitigation projects. The interactive flood risk presentations are available here (Region 1) and here (Region 5). The meeting recordings are available here  (Region 1) and here  (Region 5). Additional resources related to the flood risk discussions are on the

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LWI Hosts Spring Webinar May 28

The Louisiana Watershed Initiative is hosting a webinar 1:30 p.m. Thursday, May 26 to provide updates on the program. The webinar will address the Round 1 project funding opportunity, statewide river and rain gauge network, proactive flood defense modeling program, regional capacity building program and more. Register for the Spring Webinar

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LWI Round 1 Application Info Published

The LWI Team has published the Round 1 funding application information. The Notice of Funding Award (NOFA) can be viewed here . The pre-applications are due December 20th and you can download the pre-application information here The LWI will also host in-person briefings as well as technical assistance sessions in each watershed region. The Region 5 sessions will be on December 10th in Lafayette, LA at the Rosa Parks Transportation Center in downtown. you can

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LWI Applicant Briefing

Here is a brief update following Monday’s LWI Applicant Briefing discussion in Baton Rouge. The Regional Letter of Interest (LOI) deadline has been pushed back to October 15th, 2019. The Acadiana Planning Commission will be acting as applicant and fiscal agent for Region 5. Approximately 15 Region 5 stakeholders were present on Monday, including representatives from APC. It seems that 13 of the 16 parishes in Region 5 have, so far, agreed to participate. Region

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Federal Registry & Other Updates

Louisiana has received the Federal Register for the $1.2 billion Federal funds (view here  LWI Federal Register Press Release ). The Federal Register is the document that State Officials were eagerly anticipating as it detailed the rules and requirements for the disbursement and spending of the LWI funds. These funds are being dispersed through the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development as Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds (CDBG-MIT). The CDBG program is well known to communities, municipalities and government

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