LWI Applicant Briefing

Here is a brief update following Monday’s LWI Applicant Briefing discussion in Baton Rouge. The Regional Letter of Interest (LOI) deadline has been pushed back to October 15th, 2019. The Acadiana Planning Commission will be acting as applicant and fiscal agent for Region 5. Approximately 15 Region 5 stakeholders were present on Monday, including representatives from APC. It seems that 13 of the 16 parishes in Region 5 have, so far, agreed to participate. Region

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Federal Registry & Other Updates

Louisiana has received the Federal Register for the $1.2 billion Federal funds (view here LWI Federal Register Press Release). The Federal Register is the document that State Officials were eagerly anticipating as it detailed the rules and requirements for the disbursement and spending of the LWI funds. These funds are being dispersed through the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development as Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds (CDBG-MIT). The CDBG program is well known to communities,

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Congressional Letters of Support: ME-03 & CS-06

Just this morning, Coby Sammis with Congressman Clay Higgins’ office provided us with the Congressional Letters of Support for the Rockefeller Freshwater project which will assist in reducing the Lower Mermentau water levels (known by the CWPPRA project number ME-03).  This is the project that Scooter Trosclair described for us all on February 19 in Jennings.  While reading, notice that flood risk reduction for upstream residents is not addressed as a potential benefit.  Public dollars

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Updates: Upcoming LWI Council on Watershed Management Meeting; Congressional Support for Scooter’s Project

Next week, the LWI will be holding a Council on Watershed Management meeting in Baton Rouge.  The meeting will take place on Thursday, August 8th from 1:30 to 3:00 pm at The Louisiana State Capital Building (900 North 3rd St., Baton Rouge, LA) in House Committee Room 5.  I urge anyone with time and interest to attend.  Ms Carolyn Lesieur with the LWI has offered the following general agenda (I will upload the formal agenda once it

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History, Hydrology, and The Knots of Commerce

As we have continued our tour of the Mermentau Watershed, there are common themes which have arisen.  The communities of Lake Arthur and Grand Chenier, LA are perhaps the most vulnerable in the lower watershed region, as their geographic locations place them directly in, or hydraulically connected to, the lower Mermentau Basin (which includes White Lake and Grand Lake).  There is a belief, right or wrong, that the US Army Corps of Engineer’s operation of

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