Stakeholder Update

Updates: Upcoming LWI Council on Watershed Management Meeting; Congressional Support for Scooter’s Project

Next week, the LWI will be holding a Council on Watershed Management meeting in Baton Rouge.  The meeting will take place on Thursday, August 8th from 1:30 to 3:00 pm at The Louisiana State Capital Building (900 North 3rd St., Baton Rouge, LA) in House Committee Room 5.  I urge anyone with time and interest to attend.  Ms Carolyn Lesieur with the LWI has offered the following general agenda (I will upload the formal agenda once it is available):

  1. Watershed Regional Boundaries
  2. Steering Committee Composition
  3. Capacity Building Grant Program
All of these topics have been heavily discussed amongst our group and I am eager to see if the LWI provides any guidance for us to move forward.  Our leader, Mr John Marceaux, has asked that I inform you all that we plan to call a stakeholder meeting soon after this LWI Council meeting to discuss the topics and our path forward.  Standby for more information. 

Congressional Support

Today, I received a message from a Field Representative of US Congressman Clay Higgins’, Coby Sammis.  As we have previously updated, Scooter Trosclair’s proposed project to promote freshwater flow across LA 82 into Rockefeller Refuge has been under funding consideration with the CWPPRA Program for years now.  Congressman Higgins’ office recently submitted a letter supporting that project to the CWPPRA Task Force team.  Our efforts are not going unnoticed and I hope you are all encouraged by the support.  As updates are made available, we will certainly continue to share them here. 

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