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Congressional Letters of Support: ME-03 & CS-06

Just this morning, Coby Sammis with Congressman Clay Higgins’ office provided us with the Congressional Letters of Support for the Rockefeller Freshwater project which will assist in reducing the Lower Mermentau water levels (known by the CWPPRA project number ME-03).  This is the project that Scooter Trosclair described for us all on February 19 in Jennings.  While reading, notice that flood risk reduction for upstream residents is not addressed as a potential benefit.  Public dollars both state and federal are strictly targeted for very specific purposes and CWPPRA does not include residential flood risk as part of it’s mission.  Admittedly, the potential reduction in residential flood risk is minimal, but this project is important as a starting point, even if only ceremonial.  It remains to be seen how much effect this letter, and ultimately this project, can have, but the action speaks volumes.  See letter in support of ME-03 below. 

Below is the letter supporting CS-06.  Admittedly, i do not know much about this project, but it appears to describe marsh creation and regeneration.  We include it here as another example of the tactics which must be taken to “shepherd” improvement projects through these programs. 

Thanks to Coby and Congressman Higgins’ office for the support.  Please leave any comments or thoughts and we look forward to seeing you all at our next planning discussion. 

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