Stakeholder Update

LWI Applicant Briefing

Here is a brief update following Monday’s LWI Applicant Briefing discussion in Baton Rouge. The Regional Letter of Interest (LOI) deadline has been pushed back to October 15th, 2019. The Acadiana Planning Commission will be acting as applicant and fiscal agent for Region 5. Approximately 15 Region 5 stakeholders were present on Monday, including representatives from APC. It seems that 13 of the 16 parishes in Region 5 have, so far, agreed to participate. Region 5 had a large contigent present and i believe we are well ahead of most regions with our planning and discusisons.

Most Impacted and Distressed Areas

One clarification on the “Most Impacted and Distressed Areas (MID).” According to LWI official, 50% of the LWI CDBG funds be spent in areas that provide benefit to those M.I.D. parishes, not just inside those parish boundaries. See map of MID parishes below

Action Plan Public Hearings

See below for Action Plan Public Hearing Schedule